In a matter of days, citizens will have that golden, quinquennial opportunity at the ballot box to choose who will be the custodian of our State resources and thus oversee the management of our country to determine our quality of life.

Intrinsically, we will also choose to retain or discard our sitting Member of Parliament based hopefully on the representative’s performance.

We would have noted those who feathered the nests of themselves, family and friends to the tune of millions of taxpayers’ dollars. Many live in posh neighbourhoods, driving expensive cars, hardly ever visiting constituents to listen to their problems. One MP in South is famous for surrogate representation.

They cannot divorce themselves from the suffering of constituents and devastation of communities because of the actions of the leadership as in the case of the annihilation of over 5,000 jobs in one sector by a stroke of the pen.

In a bold-faced stunt and effort to save grace, they feverishly seek to pave overnight the dila­pidated roads we were forced to traverse for years, sometimes endangering our very lives. This is insulting.

Campaign rhetoric and bombardment seek to confuzzle our cognition. But as our Prime Minister had put it, “Anytime a gov­ernment resorts to blaming the opposition for its failure to deliver on their mandate and their responsibilities to the people, it is a clear sign that they have accepted that they have outlived their usefulness”.

We are still fortunate in this country to have the privilege to vote democratically, so in spite of Covid-19 precautions, please grasp your opportunity by the hook or the crook.