Fireworks Use Sufferers (FUS) is appalled and very hurt to hear of the unfortunate death of one of the kangaroos, at the Emperor Valley Zoo, due to the recent display at the Independence Day fireworks. This annual event takes place in very close proximity to the zoo, and it was advertised to be a massive spectacular display this year. A live interview on radio was even carried before and during the event.

The organisers of this event, FireOne Fireworks together with ANSA McAL, boasted that this year they had gone all out, to put on a show of such magnitude, together with sound effects, as had never been seen before. It was reported by the CEO of FireOne Fireworks, that 15,000 shells would be set off during a 20-minute time period. Extending to an area of 2,000 feet high by 2,000 feet wide. Anyone could know that this was a total disregard for the occupants of the zoo, and other animals in and around the Queen’s Park Savannah, and its environs.


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