It is with a sense of incredulity that I observe this penchant some have for saying that “Trinidad is not a real place.” Freedom of expression is thankfully alive and well in this country and while it is not my intent to deny anyone that freedom, I respectfully beg to disagree. It is my considered view that many Trinbagonians are not real.

Over time accusations of wrongdoing by those sworn to protect and serve have been swirling in the public domain. There have even been many instances of police officers being hauled before the courts for a variety of offences, inclusive of murder and kidnapping. Clearly that state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue in an institution charged with the responsibility of upholding the law.

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Tropical Storm Karen has left Tobago battered and Trinidad anxious over the prospect of increased flooding with river waters expected to rise overnight.

On this the 43rd anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago becoming a Republic and just coming from celebrating 57 years of Independence nothing has changed but to thank the Father of the Nation Dr Eric Williams for giving us as a nation true Independence.

We must congratulate the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) on its submission of the winning bid for the purchase of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery at a cost of some US$700 million.