The right to choose or no rights at all? That is the question.

The Government seems intent on winning the war against Covid-19 at all costs. To this goal, they are willing to sacrifice the rights of citizens, rights which they should be protecting. Many are lending their voice to the cause, with no regard to the fact that in doing so, we are losing ground fought for by our ancestors.

I wish to urge caution as the narrative that we are encouraging among the private sector of discrimi­nation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated brings to mind the placing of a star on the chests of the Jews by Nazi Germany.

The segrega­tion laws which were repealed are being dusted off and prepared for revival. Should people now expect to be led to the “showers”/vaccine by force, only to realise it’s a gas chamber/death jab? Will there be separate water coolers at the mall? Many are still being hunted for perpetuating crimes against humanity. I am sure that no one in this country wants to be on that list.

When last I checked (and I hope I haven’t missed any important checks), this was still a democracy. And since we are being called on to do our research, I researched the rights of individuals of this country and guess what? We have the right not to be persecuted and the right not to be subjected to medical experimentation. So when the Prime Minister is urging private companies to insist that workers be vaccinated in order to earn a living, is that not persecution and forced medical experimentation?

This drug is experimental and only approved for emergency use. So where is the emergency?

The 3,000-plus deaths? While lamentable, we have lost almost 2,000 lives due to crime in this country in the last five years and I haven’t seen an emergency anything employed to save these lives. What has made the difference? Is it that not only the lives in Laventille and Sea Lots are being affected? Is it that Covid-19 respects no geographical location and no matter where you live in this country, it can reach you? Is that why these lives are now important and those being lost to crime are not?

And were these Covid-19 deaths really preventable with a vaccine? Weren’t these individuals already morbidly sick? How many have died with no comorbidities? Dr Avery Hinds admitted last week that the deaths reported are not deaths caused by Covid-19 but deaths of persons who were Covid-19-positive at the time of their death. That’s a major point which seems to be lost on those touting these vaccines.

But, I digress, since my piece is not on the efficacy of the vaccine but the rights of individuals to choose. While we allow these politicians to once again divide this beautiful country in order to mask their true intentions, we are slowly abdicating our rights to would-be dictators. I urge my people of all races and religious beliefs to wake up before it is too late.

I was truly incensed to read of Israel Khan urging that parents be charged for failing to vaccinate their children. It is our inalienable right to do whatever is in our power to protect our children, and that right I will fight to protect. And another writer stated that only doctors and scientists should write articles to the newspaper. Does he mean that freedom of the press should be limited to those with the preferred narrative?

Are we truly that blind and that we do not see the writing on the wall? Where is the right to choose? I guess only waking up to find that you are back in the chains from which our ancestors were emanci­pated will bring you out of your slumber.

And to engage with the vaccina­ted on their argument that we, the unvaccinated, are a threat: does not the vaccine protect you from getting very ill should you contract the virus? Then why am I a threat to you? Methinks the vaccinated doth protest too much!

Desmarie Omiss



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