I am troubled by the statement of the new Presbyterian Moderator, Rev Joy Abdul Mohan, that research has been done by the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago (PCTT) to determine what stance to take on the gay rights issue.

Mohan made that comment not long after her election to the head of the PCTT earlier this year, saying a report had been presented to the Synod, and would be ­presented to every pastoral region for ­discussion before a decision could be made.

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I am troubled by that statement because God has already made his stance clear in his word—the Bible.


THE experiences of many petro-states are cautionary tales for neighbouring Guyana. The economically transformative oil finds there are naturally expected to result in improved standards of living for a population long gripped by high levels of poverty. 

ARE you looking for a way to boost your income or perhaps bypass international sanctions? Do you need extra cash for a new car? Or a great family vacation?

IF I were an adviser to the People’s National Movement, I would say to them, heed that call, that mantra from the leader of the United National Congress, and call election now, call election!

Today the lawyers of this country at a special general meeting will convene at the auditorium of the Government Plaza to decide whether the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) should file a Judicial Review writ to challenge the decision of the Prime Minister not to commence impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice.