Domestic Abuse

“What is the police doing about crime? What is the Prime Minister doing about crime?”

No one would blame you for asking. No one. Unfortunately you are searching for answers in the wrong place. But more importantly, you are asking the wrong questions. The graphic violence towards women and girls, the alarming rate of child sex abuse, incest, parents prostituting their children; the frequency, the age groups, is this just our culture?

One might be tempted to “twist” one’s face in disagreement and declare it isn’t so! No! It is not! But the data though... The data paints another picture. What kind of homes are these men coming from?

What kind of father figures do they have?

What kind of values are they taught?

What kind of home makes a heart so cruel?

Cruelty of such a premeditated nature does not just “happen”. And while our lacklustre governments and “ministers” come and go term after term, too dull for words and more vanilla than a vanilla latte—it is and will always be the people who bear the consequences. The people, the masses, the nobodys, the “only important when is election time” people. Who get the, “we have no vehicle in the station so rock so” treatment.

It comes with being a former slave colony, inheriting structures designed to oppress the masses—a culture the public sector still upholds relentlessly to this day. But who enslaved the value of life? Who enslaved the treatment of women and girls?

Who enslaved our men’s idea of sex?

Who stood up and taught their boys that rape is good? Or beating a woman is good? Or assaulting a child is good? Who enslaved the heart?

I assure you—it was not the government. Point your finger in the right place! Throw your anger in the correct place! It is and will always be the home that primary socialisation occurs, what you learn or unlearn, almost always begins there. Pour those billions into the Children’s Authority and the Ministry of Social Development. Heal the home. We have an urgent parental crisis in this country. So many boys who have grown up without a father, without a mother, without guidance, without love. How can they show what was never shown to them?

How can they repent?

How can they heal? How can they understand the horror some of them have caused?

Is it too late?

I hope not for all our sakes. Scream if you must. But please do not engage in useless protests. Let your voice count for something. The government cannot make you be good parents or teach men and boys what kindness is, or love or mercy or forgiveness or how to be a good upstanding citizen.

One thing Covid-19 has done is make a lot of these characters “jump out they self” it’s like the Almighty wanted this to happen to expose the filth in our land. Monsters among us. Monsters indeed. But bigger monsters encouraging them.


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