Having been afforded a conducted tour of the Home of Football recently, I cannot but think of it as anything but fabulous and marvellous.

The 72-room facility, with junior and senior suites and occupancy up to triple, gives a feeling of freedom and space, unlike many hotels that are so clustered.

The three patios, eco-friendly, natural light and air, as well as the conference hall and dining area all add up to make it fairly complete.

Coupled with a strategic location in Balmain, Couva, the large parking area and the open-air environment, this could become an ideal place for tremendous activities.

David John Williams must be highly commended for having led such an achievement in his first term as president of the Trinidad and ­Tobago Football Association.

I am also aware of the tremendous personal sacrifices of his time during construction, at the expense of his work and other commitments.

He has demonstrated “leadership by example” qualities, and it is to be hoped that we, as a nation, will duly recognise this.

It was with feeling that he mentioned to me the facility has no mortgage, but he is being crucified for it.

My bit of advice was that no one pelts mango tree that not bearing!

Congratulations are in order, as I ask: whoever thought the day would come when we go have we own hotel in football?

This is tangible proof of investment towards raising funds for the association, not promises by sponsors that can deny or pull out at their fancy, as we saw recently.

I urge you to seek a visit by calling the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association.

Lennox Sirjuesingh

former FIFA referee

and football ­administrator


A fearsome-looking Doberman graces the front cover of the March 1996 edition of Guyana Review under the caption, ‘The media’s watchdog role.’ The leaders for that month deal with the media,

ALMOST from the moment Mia Mottley became Prime Minister of Barbados she has been womanfully trying to lift the Caribbean integration movement out of the doldrums and breathe life into it.

I had but just got my feet through the door and I think managed to articulate that I was there to procure passport photos when the rebuke came: “You can’t take pictures out sleeveless.”

THE fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years ago last Saturday, was one of the best parties I ever went to, and certainly the longest. But when I finally sobered up, it was also quite frightening, because nobody knew what was coming out of the box next.

Mr Maraj, in quoting my submission, left out the paragraph: “There is a non-cash one-time income adjustment of $2 billion for curtailment of post-retirement benefits in the financial report and if this is also removed Petrotrin would still be profitable at approximately $1 billion for last year.”