I live in the Chatham community which is part of the electoral district of Point Fortin and our Member of Parliament is Major General (Retired) Edmund Dillon.

Now, I think Chatham should be renamed to a name which fits its present condition, something like Pot Hole Lane, Damage Your Car Avenue or Ignored by the Member of Parliament Drive because the road from Chatham to Point Fortin is like a driving test except if you fail this test, you will find yourself spending hundreds to thousands of dollars replacing tyres and other car parts.

Recently, my mother had to change a tyre after her car went into a pot hole.

I would love to know why did my mother, who is in her 70s, have to spend hundreds of dollars out of her pension to replace a tyre.

A word of advice to all political parties — you do not have many die-hard voters anymore.

It is work-for-your-seat time.

Tyron Bishop

via e-mail


We are deeply disturbed by the Government’s incremental response to the COVID-19 pandemic which we fear runs the risk of delivering too little too late.

In time to come, when future generations write about us, about our behaviour during the great war against COVID-19, they may well resort to the Charles Dickens’ classic, A Tale of Two Cities, which was set in a tumultuous period in European and world history, 1775-1792.

When is an exemption to closed borders not an exemption after the borders are closed?

I will return to this riddle, but let me first note that the limited testing for COVID-19 has been expanded in obvious response to queries about its previous deficiencies.

I have been the severest critic of this administration for the past four-and-a-half years.

I have chastised them unrelentingly for their economic mismanagement that has taken the nation to the precipice, stranded in a fading energy sector and no new foreign revenue streams incubating; the national debt reaching an unsustainable $120 billion,

Just a few weeks ago it was possible for T&T’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, to indicate in a major speech, that the Caribbean as whole had a potentially very bright future as a major western hemisphere oil and gas supplier. He had good reason for saying so.

In response to my column of three weeks ago, “Black Betrayal”, a critic attacked me in a slanderous manner.

Mercifully, the Express deleted the more vitriolic aspects of his original letter.