To me Anthony Harford can be described in four words. Kind, resourceful, approachable and professional. When I started in the field of sports journalism over 30 years ago, Mr Harford was one of the shining lights and examples in the profession

I remember going to sporting news conferences at Holiday Inn (now Radisson Hotel) and, during those exercises the voices which dominated the proceedings were those of the late Dave Lamy, Anthony Dennison, Kirk Perreira, George Baptiste and Harford.

Despite being one of the giants in the field he treated me with great respect and always had a word of encouragement not just for me but all the young reporters. Anthony Harford was always open to questions and discussions and was willing to take the time to clear up matters during press conferences which were puzzling to us.

He was never aloof and never talked down to young reporters as some of his peers did.

One of the other qualities I admired in Anthony Harford was his personable, approachable manner. I felt at ease and comfortable in his company. He always greeted and welcomed young aspiring sports reporters to the profession. In doing so his words were, “You guys are the future of this noble profession.”

I thought at the time he would be around forever because of his massive influence on so many of us. On hearing of his passing on the morning of December 3 I realised how wrong I was.

Another of the qualities which made him outstanding was his resourcefulness. He was a walking lexicon/encyclopaedia on sporting matters.

Anthony Harford loved to talk about how he got started in radio broadcasting and the stalwarts he worked with. He repeated his mantra for success on every occasion, citing how those legends loved the profession and worked hard.

He was truly the consummate professional. He was blessed with a smooth voice and his diction and delivery were of the highest order. He was the best master of ceremonies I have had the pleasure of hearing in this twin-island state. Anthony Harford always brought his intelligence to bear, while being witty and jovial behind the microphone. To me, there never was and never will be anyone to equal him.

There is always sadness at a person’s passing, but I am comforted by the fact that I had the privilege of working alongside such a man. Although he was an iconic figure he never lost the common touch. May he be welcomed by his Maker in the same manner he welcomed so many during his stint on planet Earth.

Astil Renn



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