Last Friday Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar created a new paradigm within the Commonwealth Westminster parliamentary system, when her budget response took the form of an alternative budget of plans and measures to improve our nation’s well-being.

It is often the norm, especially in our Commonwealth Caribbean parliaments, for opposition leaders to use their response time to “politically criticise” the government. However, the United National Congress leader showed the people of Trinidad and Tobago something different. She demonstrated to them, as she has done ever so often, that she understands their burdens as citizens, she feels their pain and need for national salvation from the economic as well as social turmoil facing our twin-island republic.


Notwithstanding the fact that the Miscellaneous Provisions (Law Enforcement Officers) Bill, 2019 has been approved by the Lower House with the unanimous support of Government and Opposition, there are elements in it to which the Senate should pay very close attention.

AS if it came forth to mimic similar developments in this country just about a month ago, a story carried on the BBC World News two days ago reported on actions similar to the discoveries made during the dramatically staged raid on the Transformed Lives Ministry (TLM) building in Arouca. The headline on the story’s online version referred to “Mentally ill people being mistreated in Nigeria.”

The grief, concern, frustration and anger surrounding the prevalence of cancer has led many individuals to seek out and subscribe to the thinnest thread of hope of prevention or a cure.

Political campaigns are very important in a country’s democratic process, as they determine which party wins an election. The way a political campaign is conducted is vital in close races.

Watson Duke’s vile and public utterance of the “N” word shows he is nothing more than a power-hungry, wannabe despot.

School violence is physical attacks between pupils occurring to, from or in school. School violence is a public health problem taking the form of bullying or other physical abuses. The consequences and repercussions of school violence are grave.