The new school term will soon be ready and it’s a good time to remind parents of their huge responsibility. It is a responsibility for which you must be prepared, and if you were not prepared for it you have to learn what it is expected of you as a parent so that you will be able to shoulder that responsibility in the best way possible. No one on the face of this earth is the perfect parent. You just need to be good enough.

Let’s start with home life. As parents, you will need to create a happy life for your child by providing a safe, stable home for him/her. You have got to ensure that your children are provided with a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

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When children see that problems or conflicts or disputes are settled by threats, quarrels and fights they will only learn to settle differences in the same way. Instead teach your children to pray. Pray with them, allow them to pray. Show them how to thank God and to love God.

Encourage them to show love among their siblings, encourage them to share with what they have. Children are easily inspired by what their parents do. They learn a lot about how to act by watching their parents.


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