Guys, as retirees approaching 70, our quality of life is at stake, Covid-19 has ended so many dreams of persons like us.

Prior to Covid we would have been in Toronto or Barbados, heading for Brooklyn and Miami. Instead we are hiding at home with no idea when things will be back to normal.

Don’t know about you, but I miss the beaches, restaurants, cinema, boat rides, fete, party, dancing, bar-hopping, so many of the things that we spent our entire working life to achieve.

Time is not on our side. This epidemic is negatively impacting our quality of life. We need to do our part, vaccinate and encourage others to do the same. Call out the anti-vaxxers, follow the protocols.

We can do this; after all our generation has been the greatest achievers in the history of mankind.

Raymond Murray

Point Fortin


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