Steve Smith, cheater or not?

That is the question. I have been watching cricket for a long time and though I hold no qualification regarding the laws of the game, I do believe that the action of former Australian captain Steve Smith in “remarking” or whatever he says, is wrong and he should be reprimanded.

I have seen umpires warn batsmen from running straight down the wicket; I have seen umpires warn bowlers from running on the wicket.


The spikes on their boots can damage the playing surface. If a bowler is not satisfied with his line of delivering and wants to make any adjustment, he is supervised by the umpire.

I have seen fieldsmen deliberately jump over the wicket to prevent any damage. So, who gives Steve Smith the authority, when not at the crease, to interfere with the batting crease, a rough spot for that matter, anything on the wicket?

I suggest that the other players should do the same when he is batting and let Mr Smith know, that if the priest could play, then so can we.

Dave Sadaphal

via e-mail


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