What transparent hypocrisy, brazen double standards and callous lack of empathy exist within the dark hearts of the leaders of the People’s National Movement (PNM), who currently have been gifted with a loan of authority by the people of this country to manage our country’s affairs. And what a monumental mess they continue to make of that opportunity.

These are the 23 persons in whom the people of this country reposed their confidence to “get the job done”. Out of those 23, just five—an inner circle close to the Prime Minister—have been the ones making all the decisions for all 1.39 million of us.

They make us come to them with cap in hand, begging for a pittance to put the proper infrastructure in place. They engage in procurement practices that defy any notion of transparen­cy, and “accountability” is a word that does not exist in their vocabulary.

These are the men and women whose sole preoccupation is the acquisition of political power by any means necessary. They have set a record for themselves by proclaiming a “ganja” decriminalisation law in just 30 days. Still, they cannot complete a highway to Point Fortin after they first conceptualised the pro­ject in 1967—43 long years ago.

These are the very people who, through Minister Fitzge­rald Hinds, bragging to Fazeer Mohammed on TV6’s Morning Edition, have promised 6,000 new homes for the homeless. Their leader is the same Prime Minister who explicitly promised the people of Point Fortin he would gift them with a “plywood factory”. That promise, like so many others, has been vaporised.

This is the same party in Government that could not find $1 million each for two little children who needed bone marrow transplants to cure their life-threatening beta-thalas­se­mia major—a potentially fatal genetic disorder. One has died.

This is our Government that reorganised the Children’s Life Fund, instituted by the leader of the previous government.

Today, we are told there is an 11-year-old child who also has the genetic disorder Crouzon syndrome (craniosynostosis) that is a threat to his vision as it is to his hearing—a conspicu­ously evolving disability. His mother approached this “caring” Government for help, but was told she and her husband are already receiving “disability grants”.

This is the same Government that has withdrawn fi­nan­cial support for special-­needs schools. This is the same Government that has been approached for years to craft legislation for the disabled, but to no avail.

Yet this is the Government that has distinguished itself by bringing to our Parliament ganja legislation in a record 30 days.

This same Government has been fiddling with annual amendments to “procurement legislation” enacted by the previous government since 2015, but which it felt it should tweak.

Give me a good reason why I should vote these people back into office.


The upsurge of 24 new Covid-19 cases over the past 14 days needs to be fully addressed by the government.

With 10 of these cases having been confirmed in the four days between Monday and yesterday, the public is waking up to the reality that T&T has entered the dangerous new phase of community spread. And yet, from a public health policy perspective, it would appear that nothing has changed in response to this new worrying development.

AS the world is forced to come to terms with the multitude of ways in which people of colour have suffered centuries of systemic oppression, tensions and emotions have been running high. Celebrities, business leaders, politicians, academics and the person on the street are all ready and willing to take sides, and to shout their opinions on the matter from the rooftops—or, as is more often the case these days, on various social media platforms.

We approach another anniversary of the abolition of slavery amidst a groundswell of protests against racism worldwide. Indeed, in recent days we have seen clashes between demonstrators and law enforcers in cities in the US, where the brutal killing of a black man, Mr George Floyd, by white policemen, sparked the current outrage.

Despite the Government’s claims to be following “the science” in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Education ministry’s proposed plans for re-opening schools contradicts everything we know about the virus.

An open letter to the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith:

It appears that one Kate Mc Mahan of the UK firm Edmonds and Marshall Mc Mahon (EMM) is advising the Commissioner of Police to circumvent the input and advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in order to obtain search warrants to search the premises of Dr Roodal Moonilal before the date of the general election.

THE West Indies have lost the series against England 2-1 and the English have shown themselves to be the far better team. The English simply switched gears on us and ran away with the last two matches.