Playing his numbers

Flashback A man pauses before playing his numbers at a Lotto booth on Mucarapo street, San Fernando. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

The announcement by the Prime Minister of the impending reopening of more services is welcome. The call to vaccinate and operate is encouraging.

Because of this, the Lotto Agents Committee is appealing to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health to consider providing vaccines for its agents and operators as we were considered essential before the SoE.

We believe that we should be given priority as we account for a significant amount of revenue for our country. This would in turn redound to the benefit of all parties and citizens involved.

This revenue stream would greatly assist the Government in funding its social programmes, even purchasing of vaccines, as well as assisting in other areas of need.

Dean Persad

chairman, Lotto Agents Committee.


This is a long overdue letter of thanks to the Public Health Department of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development of the THA.

We, the residents of Calder Hall Trace, Scarborough, have long enjoyed excellent service from the sanitation workers who operate in our neighbourhood.

What is the secret in not disclosing the number of persons who got their second dose of Covi…

I wish to support the very sensible suggestion made by Lennox Sirjuesingh about reopening the Endeavour flyover for left-turn-only traffic.

Each time I drive in the area, I marvel at the wanton waste of such an expensive resource, now a major eyesore.

It is my humble opinion that as long as Covid-19 vaccines are available in Trinidad and Tobago the vaccination drive should be continuous and should never be rescheduled.

This was already done for two previous holidays and is now being done again this weekend.

The government’s move to institute some immediate protection for fishermen plying their trade in the Gulf of Paria is a first step in the right direction.

While much more needs to be done, the measures agreed on at Wednesday’s meeting between National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and representatives of fishing organisations, the Police Service, the Coast Guard and the MP for Couva North should give fisherfolk some hope that the government is beginning to at least listen.

One of the frontiers of development that we have not considered is the question of aesthetics, which in this context refers to what we see physically around us.