IT is quite sad that one of the newly-acquired animals, a baby kangaroo, being kept at the Emperor Valley Zoo close to the Queen’s Park Savannah died soon after the Independence Day celebrations. It is also alleged that the noise from the fireworks on that Saturday night may have caused shock and trauma to the poor animal which caused it to go into cardiac arrest from which it never recovered.

We may never know the truth about this matter as zoo personnel are insisting that the fireworks noise caused it. Handlers and patrons at the event are disputing that this was the cause of the animal’s demise. The animal could not talk (at least not in our language) and the other animals around has no way of communicating a message to zookeepers.

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Whichever way it goes there are advocates for “noiseless’’ fireworks and others are calling for the zoo to be relocated so they could enjoy their explosive events without bother. Recently, there was a complaint that noise from a party held at a house owned by a well-known cricketer was the cause of much discomfort and unease among the animals at the zoo. So, there is some evidence that noise does cause discomfort among the animals and perhaps that is why some of the cages do have warning signs about startling the animals.


A LOT has been said about the rule of law recently. And not just here in Guyana. In the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been the target of a slew of criticism for his comments that he would not ask the European Union (EU) for an extension to the Brexit deadline if no deal is reached with Europe by October 19.

Hurricane Dorian, from various quarters regionally and internationally, has registered in the minds of many people as a tragedy never to be forgotten.

Cereal, eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausages have practically become standard breakfast fare. When did that happen in the Caribbean? Someone in Tobago wrote to me after last week’s column, where I was trying to persuade people to look carefully at food labels and to think about food choices.

The word “precognition” is derived from the Latin combination of “prae” meaning before and “cognitio”, which means “acquiring knowledge”. Quite succinctly, it is a claimed psychic ability to see events in the future. 

The untenable rant by the teacher at the Tranquillity Government Primary School is a classic manifestation of a systemic failure of leadership at an institution which is critical to the ultimate political, economic and social well-being of our society.