Yesterday, we celebrated International Women’s Day. All women deserve equal representation and participation in all spheres of development. Our drive and determination will not dare cease. It is this passion that ignites us to champion the cause for the rights and protection of our women. More so, the assiduous efforts of our compelling enterprise strongly evince our advocacy for gender policies to be fairly embedded in our legislative and judicial systems.

Democracy would not be complete and fully functional without the countless sacrifices made by our women too. We witness globally that many may bear the calumny of austere policies which infringe on rights, protections, and equality.

Women and girls with disabilities face systematic marginalisation and barriers that lead to lower economic and social status and an increased risk of violence, including sexual violence.

Women’s empowerment is not the driving force to oppress our men. We need our fathers, sons, and brothers. Gender-based violence and inequalities with their ramifications are what we oppose.

Violence against women poses a threat to our society. Unheard cries, death, rape, human trafficking, and violence are plaguing our nation. Paths we cross daily may be the unknown valley of the shadow of death, robbery, rape, or violence. Indeed, mechanisms must be put forward to mitigate the socio-economic vulnerabilities of women, understood and appropriately applied.

So l urge you to continue to empower, strengthen, protect and celebrate our worthy women in business, politics, law, history, social work, science, media, sports, hospitality, customer services, medicine, our protective services, academia, activism, and our entrepreneurs creating a space for us.


Digging up into the drinking habits of cricketers of yore has been quite a sobering exercise. The frequency of boozing was at levels that could easily qualify a majority of them as alcoholics. I am not talking solely of West Indian cricketers here

More than a week after the terrifying explosion at the NiQuan gas-to-liquids plant in Pointe-a-Pierre, residents in the immediate surroundings in Marabella were on the streets again this past Wednesday.

THE Covid-19 pandemic will cause the demise of some businesses, especially in tourism, hospitality and personal services. Other businesses, notably traditional media (newspapers and television) and mobile telephone companies have been under severe pressure for some time due to technological change.

Womantra and the 2 Cents Movement have both survived firestorms of social media criticism that they allegedly mishandled accusations of either sexual harassment, gender-based violence or sexual grooming perpetrated by persons in positions of leadership. Ironically, both organisations are engaged in much needed work which can fundamentally change our cultural landscape, but they risk being perceived as part of our systems of oppression.

I refer to a letter by Noel Kalicharan in the Express on Thursday (Page 15) in which he quotes from the AstraZeneca vaccine insert, “Currently there are limited data on the efficacy of Vaxzevria in individuals aged 55 and older.

Napolean Hill, the American author who focused on positivity and success, said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Undoubtedly, these are very trying times during this covid pandemic