Krystiana Sankar

Krystiana Sankar

I have silently watched the Opposition and now Jack Warner use my child as a political pawn because they have nothing else, it seems, to throw at Stuart Young. That says something.

Krystiana Sankar is Stewart Sankar and Maria Daniel’s daughter.

She is no politician’s step-daughter. She has sisters, she has a mother and a father, and now a young child whom she is helping to raise who lost her mother from the same crime situation in this country.

She is making her own contribution to the vicious cycles that exist. She is ­trying right now to put her life on the right path, but how does she do that when these politicians continuously put labels on her?

When you label people and they hear it long and often enough, in their weak moments they believe it. We don’t need that in our lives.

She has been subjected to unnecessary and ­unfair publicity because her mother had a relationship, that ended almost three years ago, with someone who chose to go into politics to serve his country. How is that fair to her?

If this country feels the right leadership are the likes of Dr Moonilal, who continuously and publicly attacks a 25-year-old who has made mistakes and has paid her price like any other ­person who found themselves in that position, then this country has more to be sad about. You, the media are also guilty as you use it to sensationalise the stories. What has Stuart Young done wrong because he knows her? What exactly does this have to do with him?

So, what we choose instead to believe is that the right thing to do is to walk away from the young people who make mistakes instead of helping them? Then we ask our selves why are we facing this crime situation? We have crime because we all fail our young people, even when we don’t know we are doing it.

To all the people who label individuals because of a social media post or an event, I ask you to look at your own lives and reflect before you judge. Do unto others as you would like done unto you.

Politicians, leave my child alone. We are a family trying to stay strong after many challenges over the last two years. We love our daughter unconditionally and we stand by her to help her find her way.

I would tell all other mothers and fathers who end up in this position—stand next to them; work with them and love them because reform is possible; change is not impossible, but it takes a lot of work, patience and love.

Our battle is far from over.

Maria Daniel

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