Brother Resistance

Died last week:Brother Resistance (Lutalo Masimba)

AS Trinidad and Tobago rallies once again to deal with the irretrievable loss of another one of our cultural icons, Lutalo Masimba, aka Brother Resistance, it seems a most fitting tribute to this musical genius would be the renaming of the National Library in Port of Spain.

Born Roy Lewis in East Dry River, Port of Spain, in 1954—literally within walking distance of the National Library—Brother Resistance was, in addition to being a pioneer of rapso music, a lifelong advocate for cultural expression, historical awareness and education as a medium of upward mobility.

There can be, in my estimation, no greater honour that we can bestow on this proud son of the soil than to lend his name to one of the most iconic buildings in the nation’s capital.

Ring the bell now for this change! I for one look forward to the day that I can walk ­proudly into the Lutalo Masimba National Library of ­Trinidad and Tobago.

G Elias



John Doe is not a government minister, neither is he head of any government department.

Mr Doe is among the thousands of ordinary workers in the public service entitled by law to tax-exempt purchases of motor cars.

Like his counterparts in other statutory bodies and throughout the public service, Doe is a travelling officer entitled – pandemic or no pandemic - to motor-car tax exemptions and a travelling allowance.

NOTHING better describes the woeful state of governance in this country than the unending waste of public funds by one government after another. Two recent examples reported in the Sunday Express not only illustrate the extent of waste but the lack of accountability of those entrusted with managing the public purse and the public’s inability to secure redress.

Emancipation Day in T&T is well worth commemorating as a national holiday. While the celebrations serve to remind us of our history, the holiday provides a chance to look to the future.

In 2017, president general of the All Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union, Nirvan Maharaj, said people should recognise the efforts of African ancestors who carved a life from a society based on systems that were calculated to always keep them at the bottom. Emancipation Day should be celebrated as a victory for the descendants of the formerly enslaved.

This letter is for Trinbagonians of our many races and in various occupations, who expect intelligent, informative, caring conversation from the trade union fraternity. You are the pass needed for union leaders to live comfortably. Their bank balances depend on your willingness to be part and parcel of their negative Covid-19 misinformation and tomfoolery being touted regarding the importance of being fully vaccinated.

The Covid-19 pandemic hit us in March 2020 and we would have felt overjoyed as the world began to vaccinate by December 2020.

The Caricom region heavily relied on the COVAX facility, formed in September 2020 to ensure all countries got a supply of vaccines quickly, especially lower income countries. How did reliance on COVAX work out for us?

The acronym FEAR means False Evidence that Appears Real.

Many people are crippled by fear due to Covid-19 because this is a serious and deadly disease. I think the vaccine is the only hope of reducing hospitalisation and deaths based on the advice of many medical professionals from the United National Congress, the People’s National Movement Government, the World Health Organisation and many others; but some people seem more fearful of the vaccine than the disease itself.