ON the fourth anniversary of People’s National Movement’s election victory a game changer collapses. This collapse of a significant plank upon which the Keith Rowley-led administration placed its development programme is significant.

I’m not surprised because we keep focusing on quick fixes in preference to the hard work of rebuilding our society from the ground up. Somebody needs to start believing in us again and the entity best suited to channel that belief is the person in the position of Prime Minister. With 12 months left in his formal administration, his game-changer is not evident, but his failures are glaring.

Trinidad and Tobago is a hard place to repair but someone has to begin somewhere, and the issue of productivity is clearly the best place to start. It’s not an easy solution, but it is the largest obstacle for us to begin chipping away at in quest to solve our problems. The Government could have met with the contractors and shared their vision for providing affordable housing, maybe they would have looked at the stock of unoccupied houses to identify how to make them liveable.