Minister of Finance Colm Imbert has taken note of a grossly inaccurate article in yesterday’s Express, headlined “Imbert: Brace for Covid budget”.

The minister wishes to advise that at no time did he utter those words or even convey the impression to anyone that the population should “brace” for the fiscal measures in the 2021 budget. The minister has also had no communication of any kind whatsoever with anyone at the Express on the 2021 budget.

The article in question also contains the uninformed and irrelevant views of a commentator who is not connected to the Government in any way, and the views expressed by that commentator should not be assumed at any time to be indicative of Government policy in any form or fashion.

Corporate Communications Unit

Ministry of Finance

Editor’s note: The minister in fact did not say anything about a “Covid budget” and was not quoted in the story as saying such. It was the writer’s analysis of what’s likely to influence the 2020/21 budget. We accept responsibility for the headline error and regret it. We, however, stand by our interview with former minister in the Ministry of Finance Mariano Browne, given his expertise in finance.


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