AS we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, I know many would be wondering how grand this could be this year, with Covid-19 and the restrictions due to this.

Knowing our creativity in T&T, I am sure we will use all the resources available to show our love and appreciation to that special lady, yet putting safety first. I will often tell people without her there would not have been a “me”, and that is a fact.

It is important those of us whose mothers may still be around today be very thankful and show her all the affection, appreciation and love which she truly deserves. To those who are not so fortunate, you do have the good memories to cling to; allow it to be a blessing, always. Go through that old album or maybe that video you did when she was alive. It may bring some tears to your eyes—but good tears.

Do not allow the presence of Covid-19 to stop you from reaching out to mom, thanking her for all she has done, and maybe still doing for you. Yes, by all means, follow the protocols, but on this special day, you can still let her know she is special.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan


It is easy to understand why members of the fishing community may consider themselves victims of a double-standard that places less value on their lives than on others.

The extended curfew hours recently announced for June 19 and 20 is our Government’s way of doubling down on the current state of emergency (SoE) which has been in effect since May 15.

Many commentators are highly critical of the Government given the high debt held at present, particularly so, as the Minister of Finance has told us that the Government is short of money and had to revert to both the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF) and borrowing to continue to run the economy and support those disadvantaged by the pandemic and the continuing recession. 

This Friday most of the eyes of the cricketing world will be focused on the commencement of the World Test Championship (WTC) Final between India and New Zealand at the Ageas Bowl, in Southampton, England.

If the Muslim community could quietly and sensibly deal with the cancellation of its Eid ul Fitr holiday festivities at the end of Ramadan, what is wrong with the labour fraternity?

May I first apologise for inflicting these thoughts on your good selves, and explain that I’m sending them to the newspapers not in order to gain wider notoriety but in acknowledgment that two out of three may very, understandably, have far better use for their space.