I feel compelled to respond to the letter, “UNC shouldn’t gloat over minister’s arrest” (Saturday Express, August 10), written by one George Elias from St Ann’s. I have reason to believe this writer is or was employed in the Office of the Prime Minister in the capacity of “communication specialist”, or some related title.

On a rare occasion I respond to letter-writers since I believe all citizens, including those who share a different view, are entitled to air their critical perspectives. Where I stop is when those opposed to me peddle a statement that is completely false, knowing it to be false, for a particular political objective.

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Tropical Storm Karen has left Tobago battered and Trinidad anxious over the prospect of increased flooding with river waters expected to rise overnight.

On this the 43rd anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago becoming a Republic and just coming from celebrating 57 years of Independence nothing has changed but to thank the Father of the Nation Dr Eric Williams for giving us as a nation true Independence.

We must congratulate the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) on its submission of the winning bid for the purchase of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery at a cost of some US$700 million.