Thankfully, I just had a great lunch of stewed kingfish and provision. With a satisfied stomach and enjoying the green hills of my Santa Cruz Valley, plus a cool mountain breeze passing gently through my receding hairline, I began to journey into dreamland.

In my sleepy thoughts, I couldn’t help but keep one eye open to world events. Protests in Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong; in fact, in most of this small green and partly brown planet we occupy.

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I got up, a little troubled, but told myself life is good in Trinidad and Tobago. In spite of all our troubles, all is really not so bad. Yes, we definitely can improve in almost all areas, but we can still afford to import strawberries and stage a successful Carifesta.

As a people, we seem to be just going with the flow, moving into whatever direction the wind pushes us. But, sad to say, the winds of oil and gas are slowing to a halt and loan upon loan is now the order of the day. Can we continue to survive like this?