To us, the folks of T&T—

Mask-wearing should come naturally.

For every year, at Carnival,

Trinbago does play mas.

If wearing masks is what to do

To fight the Covid-19 flu,

Let’s have a virtual Carnival

And play mas, T&T!

And let us give the world the urge

To beat the Covid-19 scourge

With global virtual Carnivals.

Play mas, humanity!

The foregoing poem on the Covid-19 pandemic would hopefully make us think and act on the gravity of the situation while enjoying (or enduring) the levity of the suggestion.

Frank Clarke

St Augustine


CARIBBEAN countries joined with others across the world on Sunday to mark the 37th anniversary of the collapse of a socialist experiment which had been undertaken neighbouring Grenada four and half years earlier, on March 13, 1979.

THE decision of the Court of Appeal has drawn a line under the litigation between the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) and FIFA, a conflict which recalls the Creole aphorism: “Tief from tief does make God laugh!” Justice Gobin took the parties and the country on an excursion which brought to mind former Chief Justice Michael de la Bastide’s query, posed in the context of another matter adjudicated by Gobin J, as to whether judicial review legislation had opened the door to “judicial adventurism’’.

Journalist Tony Fraser invited me on Power 102 Radio this week to discuss ‘’Language in Calypso,” in conjunction with Calypso History Month. I happily accepted his invitation, since one of the objectives of this special month for this special art form is to bring to the attention of the public some of the beautiful excerpts written by calypsonians over the years.