Having read and viewed some footage of the PM’s latest lambasting of the citizens last Thursday I have come to the conclusion that he is completely frustrated and finally beginning to accept the fact that he is incapable of leading the country.

Every sector of the economy that he has attempted to address has failed.

He is now floundering and at a complete loss what to do next. His latest lockdown can only be described as “governing by vaps” as it makes no sense whatsoever and is only causing more strife and hardship to the citizens. Malls, restaurants, bars etc. closed, but every other shopping centre in T&T is open and overcrowded. No kerbside delivery but street food available. The securing of the necessary vaccines to bring us out of this period has been totally mishandled as he was not begging for any vaccines. “That was not part of the plan.”

He, who presided over two elections last year, that ignored all aspects of Covid-19 protocols and resulted in spikes in the infection rate.

He, who invited all and sundry to visit Tobago over the Easter weekend.

He, who contracted the virus himself.

He who heads the country’s National Security Council that cannot secure our boarders is now blaming all and sundry for the spike in infections, even going so far as blaming the opposition for stocking the whore houses with Venezuelans for financial gain. The man is going or gone off, you choose.

The majority of his Cabinet has remained silent because of the perks they enjoy as a member of the Cabinet. They witnessed what happened with their colleague last year when Dr Keith Rowley was opposed. That Cabinet member was/is far more intelligent than the PM. A fact the PM could not handle or deal with.

Even as head of the Caricom region he is ignored by the world powers and not consulted on regional matters.

Maybe we need to be thankful for Covid-19 as it should insure that Rowley does not serve another term and we’re rid of him forever. However the present alternative is not the answer. Someone must come forward.

Richard Trestrail

via e-mail


As expected, the Government has responded to the ­explosion in Covid-19 infections and deaths by imposing a state of emergency with a 9 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew effective from midnight last night.

DR ROSHAN Parasram, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and Dr Avery Hinds, Technical Director—Epidemiology, are trusted persons. I have said so more than once. It is from the facts, truth and science which they respectively deliver that I may raise issues about the Government’s management of the pandemic.

AS THE spike in Covid-related infections and deaths rocketed almost exponentially over the past three weeks or so, leaving many citizens stunned, people who sought guidance and leadership from politicians were assaulted with a cacophony of discordant notes that sounded like the praying of a pack of ancient jackasses.

LAST WEEK, I wrote of “our nation being undone” and the sense of “terminality” now hovering over Trinidad and Tobago. We were heading there before Covid which is hastening our demise. The Government irresponsibly dropped the ball with the pandemic, now spreading like wildfire.

THE SITUATION in our country is dire. What we had feared most during this pandemic, and had viewed as occurring in other countries, is happening in our beloved Trinidad and Tobago.

“We need to solve our problems without causing a civil war that can be a danger to our existence.”

—President Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel

In 1963, Martin Luther King was imprisoned in a Birmingham jail for leading a non-violent demonstration against American segregation.

As he sat in that jail, he responded to the concerns of eight white religious leaders who condemned his participation in that struggle for justice.