The poisoning of cats and dogs is becoming all too prevalent. Animal welfare laws must address the poisoning of animals. Any amendment to current legislation should “specifically outlaw the deliberate poisoning of an animal or placing poison where someone else’s animal is likely to eat it”. (Animal Cruelty and Neglect, Mary Randolph J.D.).

Please leave innocent animals alone. The intentional poisoning of cats and dogs is too often seen as a “solution” to a perceived problem. This is an uneducated and ignorant approach to problem-solving. Disagreements often occur in communities resulting in persons harming animals/pets, belonging to another out of vengeance.

This is extremely cruel and inflicts untold pain and suffering on pet owners, and in particular the afflicted animal. Dialogue, mediation and communication is the way forward. Talk things through instead. The sixth commandment of the Ten Commandments contained in the Bible is “Thou shalt not kill”. Please take heed.

A few months ago I assisted my helper with his dogs. Two of these dogs were barely a year old. This involved considerable sacrifice on my part. The dogs were transported to the vet by Pet Ambulance. They were neutered, given their shots and treated for ticks and fleas. I also helped by providing dog food.

Sadly, the dogs were poisoned by a neighbour. It appears as though a misunderstanding occurred, and they were poisoned out of vengeance. Needless to say they suffered. This is most hurtful.

Why, I ask, resort to such conduct?

Why take this out on the most innocent party in all of this?

Have you no fear of God?

Of one thing you can be sure, it is that God will deal with you. You have committed a vile and evil act. It is a cowardly act for which you will one day have to answer.

Saffie Rose de Gannes

Port of Spain


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