The insistence of the ruling party to hold the general election on August 10 in the midst of a new or second phase of the Covid-19 pandemic leaves many raised eyebrows and even more questions. Since many restrictions or “protocols” have been put in place to prevent the spread of the virus or “flatten the curve” of infections, two pertinent issues must be questioned here:

1) If there is a “stay at home” advice to minimise social interaction then how come people are asked to come out in droves to cast their ballots within a 12-hour period at polling stations?

2) If crowds are now reduced to just ten people at one place at the same time how are you going to control scores or even hundreds of people milling around a small area such as a school or other polling station?

Certainly, the insistence in having the general election on the given date seems to come in direct contradiction of the advice given by the Ministry of Health to “stay at home” and keep a social distance of six feet from the other person.

Perhaps, a postponement of the elections will not only augur well for “flattening the curve” but also for the country at large.

For years the country has been waiting but only recently we are seeing our MP representatives, we are seeing roads paved, community centres and fishing facilities opened, hospitals opened, houses and apartments handed over, social assistance ramped up and sod turned all over the place, not only, to plant some food for the nation. We need more of this. Finally!

WKS Hosein



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