I would like to make a few comments on Prof Theodore Lewis’s article headlined “The SEA scab removed” (Express, July 8).

If Prof Lewis compared the number of East Indian children sitting the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination to the number of Afro children sitting SEA and found a larger number of Indian children sat SEA, then I would agree with his conclusion that that is the reason Indian children are excelling.

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We as a people must celebrate the fact that our heritage is maintained through our distinctive names. The Afros lost that. You can safely say that Ramharrack or Baksh or Ali or Singh are Indians. But Brown or Griffith or Williams could be Afro or Caucasian or anything else.


Listed as the country’s newest State-owned “emerging oil and gas company,” the major aim of Heritage Petroleum is “to focus on exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil”.

In the Guardian of August 11, there was a front page editorial headlined: “Our Lawless State.” It stated: “It is no longer a stretch to say that Trinidad and Tobago has many areas that resemble narco-states where drug cartels, not the government, call the shots.

One scientist described it as “a punch in the gut”. It may not have felt like that to us here in the Caribbean, but the detection of minute microplastic particles in the Arctic and the Alps, reported this week, should have jolted us enough to keep our eyes focused on what is happening to the environment around us.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) boasts that in its institution of party politics on the body politic, among its founding principles was to “subscribe to the highest standards of morality in the conduct of its public and private affairs” as stated by then leader Patrick Manning on the party’s 50th anniversary.

I know I had declared the series on captaincy to be over with my last column, and to be honest, although this might seem like an extension; it really isn’t.