“PTSC— Mission statement: The pride of our people. Our mission is to provide a safe, cost-effective, reliable bus transportation system across communities. Vision: World-class, self-sufficient bus transportation provider, moving people forward.” (From PTSC’s website.)

Public Transport Service Corporation management team, what’s going on? The corporation is not living up to its mission statement, far less its vision. When trying to call for marketing and customer service, there is no response. There isn’t even an operator.

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PRIME MINISTER Dr Keith Rowley would need to spend much less time clarifying his public statements if he relied less on off-the-cuff remarks and put more thought into the public messages he wants to communicate.

AT a handing-over ceremony of 200 motorbikes for the Police Service, the Prime Minister again made some very unfortunate remarks, this time disparaging “many” public officers who he claimed “produce absolutely nothing when the day comes” but “make the most noise when the pay is late”.

There are many ways that we could look at this present crisis in Trinidad and Tobago. I have chosen to look at it from the perspective of disrespect, lack of lived values and our picaroon nature. Here is the fourth element of our challenge. We have not had a national plan for integral development. We have done many things that we have called development. But they have not worked for us for a variety of reasons.

Maybe we can get through the climate crisis without a global catastrophe, although that door is closing fast. And maybe we can cope with the huge loss of jobs caused by the revolution in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) without a social and political calamity.

On the anniversary of VS Naipaul’s death it seems appropriate to make reference to one of his comic characters, who in commenting on the impending elections in Elvira in Suffrage of Elvira would have pontificated that a candidate must have “cha’cter “ and “sense ’a values”. 

IN the understatement of the century, the problem of illegal guns has led to the problem of murders and other killings that we are experiencing in this country today. The problem, however, goes beyond the gun, to the culture of the gun which is accepted as a necessity and even aggrandised in some communities.