Ancel Roget has me confused. His utterances seem like those of the present Prime Minister and his Finance Minister—to change subtly over time. It was reported on October 17, 2018, in an interview with Roget, that the OWTU planned to propose a “lease to own” proposal to the Prime Minister. Mr Roget clearly stated that the OWTU’s plan was “not to own the company but to enter into a lease arrangement with an option to own at the end of the lease.” He further added that there would be “many options for the public and public institutions to take part in the plan.”

That report made mention of John Van Dyke of Sunstone Equity, who is quoted as stating that “the plan entails a capital lease where the refinery will eventually be owned by the corporation that would be installed to oversee operations.” Surprisingly Roget, in his response to statements made by Roodal Moonilal, as reported in the Express recently, insisted that his PET Co had no present dealings with Sunstone Equity and that they had parted ways since November 2018. PET Co is reported to have been incorporated in December 2018. Roget appeared in a photo in an Express article by Leah Sorias (Thursday, Page 3) alongside Van Dyke of Sunstone and Shaid Khan, VP of MAK England.


Based on the recently passed Miscellaneous Provisions (Law Enforcement Officers) Bill, a report headlined “Don’t bribe law enforcement officers” appeared in the Express on Tuesday.

AS the Internet exploded exponentially in the late 1990s, so did social media in the next decade and beyond. As soon as its marketing potential to build brands and to solidify well-earned reputations was recognised and utilised, so did the downside rear its ugly head.

ON Friday last week, Canadian banking took a big jump out of the Caribbean. CIBC—Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce—announced the sale of just over two-thirds of its First Caribbean International Bank to a company controlled by Colombian billionaire Jaime Gilinski for close to US$800 million.

I have been a passenger of the water taxi service since its inception. The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to one of the vessels.

Following the debate in the Upper House, one would believe some of the members do not live in T&T and appreciate the seriousness of the state of crime in the land.

The incumbent Mayor of Chaguanas recently announced his decision not to seek reappointment to that office. This follows announcements of two other sitting UNC parliamentarians who have decided to “call it a day”.