Trinidad and Tobago became independent of England although still part of the British “Empire”.

I agree that we can’t remove the British influence, as this is part of our legacy, but we should rename certain roads to those of natives who did a lot for us.

Ranjit Kumar was not a born Trinidadian, but he made a lasting contribution to Trinidad life—not like some English who did not even live on or see the islands.

Ranjit came to Trinidad as an engineer and worked with the Port of Spain City Council.

He was instrumental in changing the face of PoS—eg, Hilton hotel, Morvant housing, Beetham going east and Wrightson Road.

These two were built on swamp land. Not even engineers from Holland or even the chief engineer at the City Council were able to drain the swamp to enable a road to be built there.

Junior engineer Ranjit Kumar came up with the brilliant idea of how to build a solid foundation, and today the island is blessed with the most well-built highway, so this should be named after him, not only a simple road in St James.

While I am on the topic of roads, those roads in Woodbrook, from Roberts Street downwards, should also be renamed since they are named after English generals who never even stepped foot in Trinidad!

Other former English countries changed country names and places from English names to their former names, so why not Trinidad and Tobago?

Clermont Andrews


In last week’s column we discussed why people would make sex tapes knowing the inherent risks of leakage.

The first two groups in this include the consenting couple who pre-plan the taping as an aspect of their intimate sex life. Then there is the other group where it is non-consenting, and the camera is hidden. There is the third group who make the sex tape and deliberately leak it.