It is becoming more and more troubling for me as a man when I see what some of our women are going through in Trinidad and Tobago and the world in general in terms of abuse. Yesterday we joined the world in celebrating International Women’s Day and I do hope that this will not just be another “day” in our history but we all will recognise the important role that women play in our society.

When I read our daily news and see the type of brutality inflicted by men upon our women it turns my insides. Even as I write this letter I cannot help thinking about the most recent brutal murders of young Ashanti Riley and Andrea Bharatt. This created anger amongst the population in T&T leading to marches, vigils and comments by many. Let us not forget, also, those gone before who suffered the very same fate at the hands of criminal elements — gone but not forgotten.

When we treat women in this brutish and disrespectful manner we are sending a negative message to the Father.

As a nation let us all stand up together and put down these attacks on our women. They are not right in any form. There is not one of us who did not have in some way a woman contributing to our life process. Let us give them the respect that they truly deserve at all times. I am calling on every citizen to do all that is possible to protect our women. No one should have to be running and hiding to protect their life.

In simple language, deal with these “monsters” who prey on our women and girls. Our women and girls need proper shelter and protection when they are under attack.

I close by saying abuse is wrong in any form verbal or physical. On the job or in the home it is wrong. Take a stand, people. Let us protect our women.

If there is ever a time that we see our women in a new light it is now. I say so because of what we have been seeing when it comes to females with the way they are treated by some men.

If we truly understand their importance we will treat women with respect, building them up and ensuring that they are well protected at all times. Women are true leaders in every way for they can be found in leadership positions everywhere.

It is the males’ responsibility to ensure that in our society women are not harmed or become victims of abuse and ill-treatment at any time. If in any way they are ill-treated the trumpet must be sounded, sending a clear message that such a thing is wrong.

We must also love (Agape) them and if we do we will do all that is possible to make sure that their lives are comfortable, without unnecessary stress, hurt, and pain.

All women should be allowed to become all they were meant to be. Women of T&T and the world, you deserve to be in the spotlight and always to be acknowledged for your fantastic contribution to society.


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