So there we are, thousands of our people on the breadline, and more unemployment on its way, and this is despite over 57 years of independence when we were initially promised a better and happier existence by the pioneers of our politics.

Like the Archbishop has said, we need more than prayers to resolve our expanding internal woes. His comment will of course, simply fall on deaf ears of our politicians and many of our citizens. The progress towards pulling the wool over the eyes of our vulnerable citizens are now in play, just like it did prior to the last election.

We now need to start over again, from scratch and form a new political party made up of honest and ambitious citizens. Once established they must reform our police and justice systems, and most essential of all introduce a race relation act in order to stop the galloping practice of racial discrimination here.

The most important thing that they must do here in order to curb the daily rate of murders and our lingering high serious crime rate is to restore the death penalty and commence executing those already convicted murderers on death row.

If this is not done, then our political future with all its present adverse features will remain exactly as it is now and will continue to get worse.

GA Marques

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WITH the greatest respect to the Minister of Communications, her stated attempt at creating what she calls “One Government, One Voice,” remains a still-born ambition, probably never to be realised. The latest indication of the difficulties inherent in that objective comes from the fiasco surrounding the Minister in the Ministry of Education, his attendance at the now-famous Karukera Festival in Guadeloupe, and his repeated pointing up of it on social media.

It hardly seems possible that Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has foregone an opportunity to praise his hard-working and honest officers, so I believe in this instance he must be unaware of the eco-warriors he has under his command in Tobago.

G lobal attention to Guyana has focused on the current campaigning for a general election due on March 2. Reports indicate a vigorous campaign, with the country’s newly found resources in oil and gas very much on the minds of the contesting political parties. 

Justice Vasheist Kokaram has delivered a learned judgment on Section 137(3) of our Constitution which provides for the removal of a Chief Justice. This section charges the Prime Minister with a constitutional role in the process without outlining either the content of that duty or the process he is to follow in carrying out that duty. 

A NATION of revellers. This is the name attached to our lovely T&T. So many have worked hard to achieve this name and now most wallow in this mire called revelry as though this is a great achievement.

When I consider how the children of Idlib on the Turkish/Syrian border are frozen cold and dying and our own here are energised by music and dance on the Carnival stage in the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine;