Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has demonstrated his ability to lead in a manner that is both visionary and transformational. As the most experienced parliamentarian in the House of Representatives, a higher call has been placed on him as Prime Minister. To date, it must be noted that Dr Rowley, while unorthodox in some of his actions, continues to show he is getting the job done.

This time around, we can no longer call elections time “silly season” because our electorate is more educated and mature. Citizens are able to recognise, to a larger extent, fact from fiction and truth from fake news.


First, there was the issue of the charges and the manner in which they came to an abrupt end one day last week.

If the Prime Minister did one good thing during his term of office, it was the closing of Petrotrin.

Keith Rowley leads a Government that has abandoned transparency by refusing to proclaim procurement legislation and bypassing all rules and going shopping for billion-dollar boats, among other things, while sabotaging the sea and air links to Tobago and severely damaging the island’s economy.

The Zoom meeting that was held on Sunday, on the theme “Reparations for Afrikans and the Indigenous people of the Americas”, was very informative.