eat healthy

THE main causes of heart trouble may be said to be hurry, worry and curry. Worry causes hurry and both bring about ill-health. Curry means fatty foods.

Heart diseases are found to be more rampant among non-vegetarians, while vegetarians are not prone to heart ailments to the same extent.

This is because of the higher percentage of fats in non-vegetarian food which increases the cholesterol in the blood. Worry causes high blood pressure and hurry causes diabetes. There will be little room for cardiac ailments if one’s food habits are properly controlled and regulated. Care should be taken to see that the food consumed does not have much fat content, for the fats consumed in large quantity are detrimental not only to one’s physical health but also to one’s mental health.

The consumption of large quantities of fat is the cause of cardiovascular diseases as the consumption of fatty foodstuffs causes increase in weight resulting in susceptibility to cardiac diseases.

So one should eat in moderate quantity the right type of food and avoid intoxicating drinks to safeguard one’s health.

Meat and alcoholic drinks take a heavy toll on man’s health, causing many a disease in him. Research has revealed that non-vegetarian and alcoholic addicts are more prone to heart ailments than vegetarians. Non-vegetarian food affects not only the body but also the mind. Eschew meat, alcohol and smoking. Those who aspire to become true devotees of god have to give up meat, liquor and smoking. Cigarette smoking is the cause of diseases like asthma, lung cancer and heart ailments. It ruins one’s health and shortens one’s life span.

Food, head, God—these three are interrelated. By consuming animal food, animal tendencies are aroused. As is your food, so are your thoughts. Young people should be satisfied with 2,000 calories of food per day. This is enough to sustain them. Intake of food should be gradually reduced after crossing the age of 50. Loss of sleep gives rise to many ailments. The golden rule for good health is, moderation in food habits, work and sleep.

Vegetarian food should contain liberal doses of vitamin C and vitamin E, which are available in vegetables like carrots. The presence of these vitamins prevents heart ailments in a large measure.

Living on ill-gotten money also causes ill-health to some extent. Living on earnings got by unjust means causes many unknown diseases to take root in us.

Participation in sports and games is necessary for health and recreation. The heart is the most vital organ in the body. To keep it in a healthy condition, one’s thoughts should be healthy. Good thoughts are more efficacious than drugs. Prevention is better than cure.

Cardiac surgery is helpful insofar as it helps the patient to carry on his daily activities and lead a normal life. But it is wrong to conclude that surgery is the only way of curing heart disease. Some of the diseases can be cured by medication.

It is the primary responsibility of every individual to prevent becoming a victim of heart disease by regulation of his food and other habits. As far as possible, surgery should be avoided and should be treated as a last resort. An attempt should be made to cure the patients by drugs first.


Prime Minster Dr Keith Rowley has declared Sunday, May 23, a National Day of Prayer. Prayer can conquer Covid-19 only if people understand what prayer really is. Prayer is not getting God ready to do what we want him to do. Prayer is getting us ready to do what He wants us to do. Prayer is not demanding God to heal us of Covid-19. Prayer is getting us ready and disciplined enough to stay home, save lives and adhere to Covid-19 protocols.

As a member and officer of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union, I’m working with my comrades from the different branches that make up my company, T&TEC.

For those accustomed to an interior life, that is, living without need for external stimulation, the enforced isolation of a lockdown has been little more than an inconvenience. Although by now, everyone has had to confront the grim surge of Covid-19 cases, and anxiety and fear have mounted.

We applaud the members of the private sector who are rising to the challenge of the national Covid-19 emergency by taking action at the expense of their bottom line.

The reported arrival of 33,000 AstraZeneca vaccines on Monday should be welcome news. With all the unknowns and rumours and counter-rumours of possible side effects, it would seem that where vaccinations are being administered Covid-19 and its variants seem to be losing force like in the US where the children are likely to be visiting Disney World once again, and in the UK there is the possibility of football spectators for the remaining few games. With our present trend of increasing spikes, with a young doctor,

There have a been a lot of accusations from the Minister of Health that the Opposition, especially its leader, is attempting to derail Trinidad and Tobago’s Covid-19 vaccination programme and, of course, the blame game that has been occurring for six years.