Do politicians really have the interests of the country at heart? Are politicians God-fearing people? Do politicians respect the intelligence of at least some of the electorate or do they just pander to their loyal followers?

Do politicians want to leave a powerful legacy or are they simply interested in acquiring power and staying in power? Do politicians understand that they too are subject to death (mortality) and that death is the great equaliser despite all of their power, status, wealth (ill-gotten or otherwise)?

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NOT one to take criticism lying down or to rely on others to toot his horn, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith on Friday presented the media with a cache of self-generated statistics, shifted the goalpost as needed, threw in a graph or two and evaluated himself as having succeeded in rolling back crime in his first year in office while offering a guarantee of even better to come.

EVENTS that rock us into further consternation about the state of our country and whether “we gone through” are occurring with increasing frequency.

Sadly, the responses of our rulers are superficial.

IT was Nietzsche who wrote if you gaze long enough into the abyss it will gaze back at you. I think the level of criminal activity for so many years has made many of us glimpse into the abyss and, at times, I am afraid one day I may look too long.

THE most damning aspect of the last Moody’s report is that, after four years, it sees no prospect for economic diversification under this administration.

The Marlene McDonald affair raises important issues about the fate of our women. Progress, as measured by the number of women in leadership, does not tell the whole story.