On August 19, my sister, Carolyn Bisnath Singh, was taken to the Accident and Emergency Department at San Fernando General Hospital. The service rendered by all members of staff was awesome. The doctor at the front desk took charge and she belted out instructions, remembering to show empathy to both the patient and myself.

At the resuscitation room, the other doctors showed concern and were vigorous in their care of my sister, being overly passionate in informing me of the graveness of her illness.


There was a time where such measures as “gross domestic product” and “per capita income” were used as to an indicator of a country’s performance and/or its ranking in the world’s economic hierarchy. But even within that framework there has been continuous change and adaptation particularly in respect of terminology.

COMMISSIONER Gary Griffith must apply his tough anti-crime stance against the two police officers who have shamed the Police Service and cost taxpayers money for wrongful arrest and sexual harassment of a woman while in custody.

A great soul has left the body of Shri Satnarayan (“Sat”) Maharaj. In a small country, known internationally for its Carnival and Ramleela performances, Sat was a larger-than-life character on the national stage.

Sat Maharaj loomed large in the life of Trinidad and Tobago for almost 50 years. A giant by any standard, he was loved by many but perhaps hated by many more.

It is with much sorrow, but complete gratitude, I pay tribute to Sri Satnarayan Maharaj on his passing. History is full of giants among men who made a significant difference, earning both the praise and disapproval of their principles. Among our nation’s sons and daughters, the former secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha is a giant.

Sat Maharaj did what he was sent to Earth to do and he did it extremely well. Running one’s mouth on Satnarayan Maharaj, long- reigning head of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha will not take away from his many achievements for his Hindu people.