The SEA results for 2018 will be released today by the Ministry of Education. High on the agenda for heated discussion will be why the denominational schools are allowed to select 20 per cent of their pupils.

The Concordat that was developed and signed by the Government and denominational schools in 1960 allows this among other things. It requires that principals make available a minimum of 80 per cent of Form One spaces to the Government to fill. These pupils must pass the test (SEA now).


I read with interest and great concern a report in the daily newspapers on Tuesday, under the caption, “T&T backs B’dos, blanks Pompeo’s meeting”. The commentary of the Honourable Rodney Charles, who is widely quoted, lacks substance and is dangerously ill-­informed.

A news of the horrific murder of a doctor in San Fernando rocked the nation recently, two towering intellectuals from the highly respected University of Facebook, Shonda Bigrat and Crayon Clingflim, decided to share their respective research on the causes and solutions to crime.

Within the framework of the proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly of January 24, 2020, as International Day of Education, we wish in this statement to air concerns about the poor educational performance of children of African origin in Trinidad and Tobago, and, relatedly, about the poor quality of schools in predominantly black locales in the country.

St Lucia observes an annual Nobel Laureate Festival in honour of its two Nobel Laureates—Arthur Lewis and Derek Walcott. Their birth dates, respectively, are on January 23, 1915, and January 23, 1930. This year, the 27th festival began on January 10 and will continue until ­February 6.

The chamber spoke out this week as the nation grapples with the crime situation, defining it as a “crisis” for which we do not have “the luxury of time”, and advanced possible solutions. This intervention followed on the heels of an editorial that pointedly questioned whether Afro-Trinidadians had “the innate desire for a better life”.

The “Soaka” party last Friday night in the Savannah was great because of the playoffs between the pan bands—Despers, Renegades, All Stars—and the rhythm sections and various DJs, with the music alternating back and forth between these groups.