We commend the Sunday Express investigative report dated January 12 headlined “Raking it in from Govt rent,” which amplifies a scandalous fact: we are throwing away our children’s wealth.

After the Patrick Manning administration promised our nation that the building of the Port of Spain Waterfront would save our country hundreds of millions in rental expenditure, it is now clear that the free-for-all resource curse squandermania rages on.

There is a public concern/perception that needs to be put to rest that government rentals are excessively inflated and that kickbacks are being paid.

In order to address this public interest concern, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) respectfully and publicly calls on Prime Minister Keith Rowley to clear his Government’s name and appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate and report to Parliament on whether property rentals paid for by the Government are of a comparable value to the private sector rentals for similar locations with similarly equipped facilities.

In our respectful view, the Government should deal with this public alarm of historic corruption in property rentals by the immediate appointment of a multi-sectoral, interdisciplinary, independent committee to oversee government property rentals. This committee would operate under special terms of reference which should be concluded after wide public consultation.

An honest leader must protect the vulnerable. Many people are suffering in the face of this vulgar feeding frenzy.

Unless a leader unifies us as one people, the perception and probable abuse and financial rape of our vulnerable citizens and our children’s future will continue.

Terrance Beddoe

president, FFOS


THESE last two weeks have left some of us feeling like we were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I want to focus on the rise in the numbers of women who have been killed by their husbands or partners.

AS the heavily armed hardcore criminals consolidate their murderous stranglehold on our country, striking with seeming impunity anytime, anywhere they choose to, the powers-that-be go into the panic mode and respond with fusillades of “gobar” rather than superior strategy and firepower.

IT is not the first time that the Minister of National Security has indicated that as a member of the National Security Council, he has received credible information that there are persons who are behind the scenes working with criminal elements to perpetrate criminal activities, including murder, on innocent citizens, with the aim of making the Government look like they are unable to manage crime.

I note the decision of TUCO (Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Or­ga­nisation) to revert to singing two songs for Calypso Monarch 2020. Except for the semi-final. Huh? I called TUCO twice (just to be sure) and was told the fol­lowing

LAST Sunday Jearlean John, one of the most dynamic persons to enter the political arena in the last year, invited me to visit Savannah Park, Wallerfield, or what is known as “Gaza”.

Potholes on public roadways remain irrefutable signs of life in Trinidad and Tobago today.

There are apparently no clear solutions to these perennial problems. As road users, a weary population has essentially given up hope of solutions being proposed, much less implemented. On major roadways, equally as on minor roads, in built-up areas to the same extent as in villages and communities in rural districts, dilapidation is a fact of life. Often, generations of nationals go through this lived reality of bad roads and their deleterious effects on life in these areas.