Many years ago, Alfred Mendes (director Sam Mendes’s grandfather) and another guy called Bhadase Sagan Maraj, developed a large parcel of land in Trinidad, which is now known as Champs Fleurs. It contains three major factory operations, the West Indian Tobacco Co Ltd (cigarettes), Lever Brothers Ltd (detergents etc), and Carib Brewery Ltd (assorted beers). It also contains an expansive housing development of middle income and upper to high income homes.

It is also adjacent to perhaps the largest teaching hospital in the country. The main street leading north into the housing development portion is called Mendez Drive, and the first cross street of Mendez Drive is called Sagan Drive. I grew up from about six years old (1965) at the corner of the second cross street of Mendez Drive, that cross street is called West Drive.

Thanks for the experiences and vision of these two great men.

Glad to see that Trinidad had some influence in the movie and that Sam Mendes still acknowledges the bit of Trinidad that is still in him.

Go 1917!

Trevor Ramlochansingh

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TODAY, as it emerges from yesterday’s tenth anniversary of the deadly earthquake of 2010, Haiti enters a new and even more dangerous phase of rule by decree.

Caribbean countries are being warned by the Government of the United States of America and US writers that they should limit their dealings with China. In the course of these warnings, several allegations are made, suggesting sinister Chinese motives and even corrupt relations between Chinese institutions and local politicians who get personal “side benefits”.

Most of your rights as a citizen are afforded under the Constitution but do you know what they are in any given situation?

IN commentary on domestic violence, columnists and editorials now regularly cite one-in-three abused women statistic from the 2018 Women’s Health Survey done by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

So there we are, thousands of our people on the breadline, and more unemployment on its way, and this is despite over 57 years of independence when we were initially promised a better and happier existence by the pioneers of our politics.

I wish I could resist the temptation of being cynical about the passion of the interview on a recent TV show on the death of three women at the hands of rejected suitors.