I am an 82-year-old senior on old age pension. I am a grandmother and great-grandmother. We live in a modest apartment in an area of many retired persons like ourselves. This continued shutdown is having a detrimental affect on my husband and myself, who are medically comprised.

We leave our home only to obtain medicine and groceries. Every time we come back home we spray our shoes wash the clothes we wear and wipe down everything. This out of fear and anxiety. This shutdown is causing us stress, and I am having nightmares frequently.

Talking to many like us, they are experiencing similar feelings.

In viewing the news, we have noticed many countries and states opening back restaurants and other facilities. These countries have many more people affected by the virus, but have seen the stress and anxiety caused by the shutdown even more dangerous than the actual Covid-19.

Just recently on US news, it was reported that a pretty young doctor and a healthcare worker committed suicide.

I have many widow friends who receive social welfare, and many nieces and nephews who had jobs and are now at home and not receiving any salaries. These are all middle-income people. They are suffering greatly by the shutdown, and many are depressed.

Mr Terrence Deyalsingh, and the 22-person committee, do you really think it is smart to close down this island for another two weeks? You are all comfortable and have means, and do not even have a clue what is happening here. It is not only the very poor who are suffering, it is people of middle income also, and widows and widowers who are all stressed.

I have no problem with all the poor getting help. We have to help them, especially the ones who are desperate in the newspapers. The churches are doing a good job helping.

My whole message is open back our country! Let businesses that do day-to-day business, especially small businesses, see the light of day. Let our economy become active again. Do you all realise that 193 countries are affected? It has shut down the economies, religions and social life. This virus is not natural, it is evil.

Think outside the box. This shutdown is causing more problems than the virus itself. Open up our island before it is too late to fix our land. May God help us.

S Flood

via e-mail


World Environment Day 2020 arrives with the news that notwithstanding the dramatic Covid-19-induced reduction in carbon emissions, the level of carbon dioxide in the air is at its highest in recorded history.

As T&T’s most prominent columnist, I often get bombarded with questions from fans wanting expert advice on complicated subject matters. For example, Kathy, who works at Scotiabank Credit Card Centre, writes: “Dear Darryn, your failure to reply leaves us with no choice but to commence legal proceedings.”

Let me restate my point of view that genuine recovery depends on a few key things: 1. Managing the Survival Phase; 2. Restoring Closed Businesses; 3. Recoup and Retrieval for Businesses as they open; 4. A National Recovery Strategy; 5. Immediate Action of Economic Restructuring, 6. Building a New Economy post Covid.

“Every politician who has tasted power, and many who counted for little, has gone to war with the media. If they didn’t, that would signal that journalists were not doing their jobs, that they were too busy prostrating to power to do their duty to country.”

It’s been a bad week in the United States: six nights of protests, huge anger, rioting and looting in 50 cities, hundreds arrested or injured—but only six dead over the police murder of George Floyd. The number may have gone up by the time you read this, but it’s definitely not 1968 again.

SO the Opposition Leader would like to know whether the Minister of National Security recused himself from the Cabinet which awarded a lucrative contract to his brother’s firm. Of course he did. Just as the Attorney General recused himself in the decision to award a rental contract to his relative.