It was with great anxiety that I took my son to the A&E Department of San Fernando General Hospital last Sunday night, around 11 o’clock, after he had fallen and injured himself.

As we are all aware of the poor parking facility at this institution, on my arrival, after dropping him off, I was relieved to see the main car park had a lot of vacant spots.

However, as I advanced to enter, I was told by the security on duty this area has now become a staff parking area and I would have to use the other area.

The area to which I was directed had no lights, and had big potholes filled with water from the rain earlier that day.

In order to see what the situation was, I had to exit my vehicle, walk to the area to first see if there were any available parking spots before actually going to park, and on my way in a vehicle got stuck in the mud so I had to reverse for another vehicle to make room for assistance. This just added to my already-stressful situation.

Who are the management of the South-West Regional Health Authority serving—themselves or the public? This situation with inadequate parking has been in existence for too long.

When you go to the hospital, you are already in a position of stress. To secure your vehicle is another stress. And let’s not speak about when you reach inside.

I’m aware those in authority show very little concern for the people they have sworn to serve. However, the motto and vision is not for the public, but for you who have taken the position of public servants.

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BJ Drakes



Taxi drivers plying the San Fernando to Chaguanas and San Fernando to Port of Spain routes are up in arms over the San Fernando City Corporation’s move to relocate them, in a plan to reduce congestion in the city centre.

Ansa McAl chairman, Norman Sabga, in the context of the $1 million loss by Guardian Media Ltd., said Facebook, Twitter and other international companies were able to sell media (and other services) in T&T without paying taxes, have no employees on the ground—a huge advantage to them—and when paid, they receive foreign exchange. This undermines the local media houses.

Nearly 40,000 fires are incinerating Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, the latest outbreak in an overactive fire season that has charred 1,330 square miles of the rainforest this year.

At Massy Stores a few days ago, I spent some time making lists of the sugar content and calories in the fruit juices on sale. I focused on the Nestle, Fruta and Pine Hill brands. Nestle has been promoting a new fruit and veggie medley as a healthy drink. 

At the risk of incurring the wrath of union leaders in this country, I feel compelled to add my voice to the current brouhaha over statements made by the Honourable Prime Minister.

Watson Duke and those who choose to deceitfully condemn Dr Rowley for expressing a blatant truth about a culture of unproductiveness in the public service, and which also extends to State enterprises and public companies, ought to instead use their time to confront reality. Only then will we progress as a nation.