There was total chaos at bars since last Thursday when the state of emergency (SoE) was officially lifted.

All that could be seen on Ariapita Avenue was massive crowds like old mas, crowds upon crowds assembled at the bars, with people jam-packed, not observing social distancing, drinking and smoking in close proximity to each other; without a care in the world and no police officers in sight to control the crowds or manage the people, thereby enforcing the Covid-19 protocols.

The early revocation of the SoE was ill-advised and poorly planned, as is everything else with this administration.

Anyone with any sense would have foreseen that it was inevitable what has been happening at bars across the country since the announcement of the removal of the SoE.

The worst thing is that the patrons are wearing their face masks as chin warmers, but leave it to this administration and the Minister of National Security, Fitzgerald Hinds, not to see that this would have happened.

It’s also hard to believe we have another person just as inept as the Minister of National Security as head of the TTPS–MacDonald Jacob–performing his job just to the standards inadequately expected by the Minister of National Security.

As soon as the SoE was lifted the vaccinated and non-vaccinated people rushed to their favourite watering holes where the unvaccinated are hanging out outside the bars, close by or on the pavements, while sending in their friends who are vaccinated to purchase alcoholic drinks.

While in their intoxicated state, they quickly lose their inhibitions, dropping their guard and just like caged birds that get freedom suddenly they are flying away to be free.

The patrons are hugging each other without wearing their masks or with masks on their chins.

This selfishness and bad behaviour just for a good time will exact a high price.

These people are not thinking of their loved ones, their children, their spouses or their elderly parents who they may have at home.

This is definitely a recipe for super-spreader events all around the country.

Should Covid-19 reach their doorsteps at their own homes and their families and they suffer the consequences, only then they may learn.

God forbid that. Do not let us have to reach that stage before people act responsibly.

Chief Medical officer Dr Roshan Parasram indicated recently that if people realise how highly contiguous the Delta variant really is and how much it seems to be spreading, the population would realise that they need to take a lot more precautions, especially as the Delta is a lot more deadly and spreads asymptomatically as well.

We are experiencing another Covid-19 efflux as a record 28 persons lost their lives to Covid-19 over the weekend.

We need to give the current administration a round of applause for really giving us an environment that will usher in super-spreader events unlike what we have ever seen in the past.

Any political scientist knows there are three types of government: a democracy, a monarchy and a dictatorship. Under the current circumstances we seem to be in a galloping dictatorship.

Neil Gosine

former NP chairman

Port of Spain


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