“If life was a thing that money could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die. But blessed be the Lord who made it so, both shall live and both shall die.” Those words, from my venerable next door neighbour, kept ringing in my ears as I read the traaagic story of the triple murders in Penal. Two survivors, an eight-month-old boy and a four-year-old girl, lived with the dead bodies for several days.

Autopsies showed all of the victims’ throats were slit while one was also shot twice. Did the children witness these horrific acts? Can any one of us imagine the post traumatic stress disorder, those children will have to endure in years to come?

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Several things about the now-cancelled $485 million contract between the Housing Development Corporation and the China Gezhouba Group (CGGC) simply don’t add up. One is the attempt by both the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General to distance themselves and the Cabinet from the contract.

The final budget presentation from this Government is upon us. Though there has been talk by the Government of an economic turnaround this is as a result of an incremental increase in gas production (which appears to be below what was expected) and the income that flows from it. However, the country will accrue less rents due to the shortfall and reduced global prices of our energy products.

Mr Stuart Young, Minister of National Security, I feel a sense of satisfaction that since the recent spike in murders in which 24 persons lost their lives in just seven days, you had initiated amendments to our firearm laws in an attempt to avoid a recurrence.

JAMAICA is known as the reggae music capital of the world. It is also known to produce the greatest sprinters and the most potent natural form of ganja. What is not known is that Jamaica has the standard by which registered gun control is judged.

There have been many ignominious moments at the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States (OAS) and many farcical decisions made, but they pale in significance when compared with the events of Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

AS an avid Express reader, I must confess to being quite disheartened after reading one of your contributors in Saturday’s edition. His comments were carried under the headline “Dr Baboolal gave a lot but got so little”. After listing all of the distinguished offices which Dr Baboolal held he lamented that Dr Baboolal was not “selected as president of our country”. The question is who should she have replaced over the particular period and why?