Nigeria’s Lagos, the country’s former capital, has a population of more than 22 million. Sixty-one per cent of Nigeria’s population is younger than 25. That country’s government had a tremendous responsibility to find/create meaningful employment for these young people and to create decent homes for them and their families. In 1960 Nigeria gained independence from the British.

Unfortunately, following on the heels of its independence the country became engulfed in a civil war that killed as many as three million people. In the midst of all of this, the country had one thing going for it—oil. This natural resource was both a blessing and a curse since over the course on several ensuing decades this black gold provided opportunities for rabidly corrupt dictators as well as their rivals in the military. Nigeria has reportedly had just two legitimate presidential elections under its belt—2011 and 2015—Nigeria has had less than a decade of democratic and not completely corrupt rule in its entire history.

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IN the wake of the cancellation of a lopsided, scandalous multi-billion-dollar contract between the Housing Development Corporation and China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Company (CGGC) for the construction of 5,000 housing units, it is alarming that no public official has been called to account for the many concessions the Chinese almost got but for the vigilance of the much-maligned mass media.

With the impending national budget for fiscal year 2019/2020 in the air, there seems to be a blanket of fear descending on the citizens of this beautiful country.

I was very concerned when the Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, revealed in Parliament over ten days ago that the Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-­Bissessar, had allegedly tipped off Marlene McDon­ald that she was being investigated and her arrest was imminent.

Are lawyers’ fees too high as asserted by dean of The UWI Faculty of Law Rose-Marie Belle Antoine? Or are they reasonable as asserted by the Law Association? Economic principles give two answers: technically speaking, nobody knows; in all probablistically, most likely.

IT is easy to criticise the Prime Minister. I also take my shots when he makes egregious errors. This is why I suggested that he write what he says before he pronounces on national and international issues. His critics also need to be cautious before they condemn his failings.

ONE of my favourite Christmas songs when I was a child opened with those two headline words evoking, colour, glitter and festivity.