Our forms four, five and six pupils who will be back out at school on October 4 must be fully vaccinated for face-to-face physical learning with their teachers.

I can well imagine the feeling of many of them longing for this as there is no substitute to replace personal contact.

Although judging from the figures that have been vaccinated it may not be a large number of pupils.

Having said this, I am a little concerned with teachers who may be unvaccinated teaching those pupils, interacting for hours with these children.

Let’s keep in mind that those who are vaccinated can still be infected and remember if an infected pupil returns home he/she can infect others.

In my opinion, if these pupils returning to face-to-face classes must be vaccinated what example is being set to allow unvaccinated teachers to teach them?

Those children are still at risk and are a potential threat to others they may come into contact with.

I wonder if the tables were turned the other way around, would teachers feel comfortable having made the time to become fully vaccinated then having to teach a class room filled of children unvaccinated amidst a pandemic? Just asking.

I believe teachers owe it to their pupils to do what is right the very same way that those being taught became vaccinated.

Teachers, I believe you should follow the example. I know we cannot mandate anyone to become vaccinated but believe me, when I heard of the figures of teachers who were vaccinated I was taken by surprise.

I do hope the numbers have changed, others may have done it and/or there are those who are not on record as having received the vaccine.

Remember, we are all in this together and if pupils can do it why not those who lead them. This is just my humble opinion. One love, educators.


It saddens me to write what I am about to, but it’s a harsh reality that we must face and fight, or, if we are the unpatriotic cowards many believe we are, then we might consider joining millions of others across the world who abandon all hope in their native lands and become refugees, moving like nomads anywhere the wind and fellow refugees take them.

The prime minister’s attempt to frame the issues leading to the collapse of the Police Service Commission and subsequent events as political “janjhat and ra-ra” is sadly ­misguided.

On August 12, an unnamed high-level visitor to President’s House made an intervention that stopped the delivery to the Parliament of the Police Service Commission’s (PolSC) merit list of candidates for Police Commissioner.

The inept handling of the affairs of the Police Service Commission and, more particularly, the imbroglio surrounding the office of Commissioner of Police leading to its eventual collapse have created an ongoing crisis that seems to have no end.

It is quite unseemly for the President to propose names of persons for appointment to the Police Service Commission without responding to the call from large sections of civil society for an explanation of the comess that occurred over the last several weeks.