Having served the nation as first lady between 1987 and 1997, Zalayhar Hassanali, widow of the late president Noor Hassanali, is living a life marked by sacrosanctity and sanguinity.

As an exemplary woman of moral rectitude, she is indeed demure and shrewd. Her contributions to education, culture, environment and education are invaluable.

Today, I express my gratitude as a young woman for her lifelong service as a social activist and humanitarian for more than six decades.

Wishing Mrs Hassanali a Happy 90th Birthday. She is deeply loved and appreciated.

Ancilla Ashley Kirby

Port of Spain


We urge everyone who, whether mindlessly or maliciously, is sharing erroneous, partial and manipulated information about the Sinopharm vaccine to consider the harm they are doing to others.

The working week began with a shock, as a result of which we must ask the Minister of Health for truthful answers.

The Prime Minister hosted a news conference on Monday last, in which he announced increased lockdowns. At that event, our trusted Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram, disclosed that he had drawn attention to “the worrying trend of climbing Covid-19-positive numbers since early March”. He did so after more ministerial lectures about our personal responsibility not to contribute to the further spread of the Covid-19 virus by “gathering”.

THERE are times when I feel ashamed of being Trinidadian. On such occasions, I feel almost like a traitor, having to admit that some of my countrymen are bringing shame and disgrace to our otherwise proud nation.

BASED ON an assessment by Johns Hopkins University, Trinidad and Tobago is now ranked fifth among countries in the developing world, India included, with the highest rate of Covid-19 infections.

TERRENCE Clarke was on the cusp of achieving the goal to which he had aspired for the 19 years of his life: a career in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Today we celebrate the declaration by French statesman Robert Schuman in 1950 of the proposition to create a pooling of European coal and steel production.