What are the benefits of having a (national) zoo? 1. Whether it’s an endangered species that’s been smuggled illegally into the country or some mapepire that decided to take up residence in your home, a place exists that will safely and humanely house the animals.

2. Children learn so much about animals by visiting zoos.

3. We biology majors also find quite an inexpensive and safe location to do some research on animals, even animals not native to our country.

4. In some countries, zoos are the reason why some animals haven’t gone totally extinct.


The one upside of the challenges facing the government of Guyana after a five-month impasse in declaring the result of the general election on March 2 is that the country’s economic growth in 2020 is projected at a whopping 52.8 per cent—surpassing all 26 Latin American and Caribbean states. This trend is likely to continue for many years to come.

A convention of democratic elections is that the leader of the defeated party makes a statement of concession, paving the way for the winner to claim victory.

The report from the conclusion of the matter involving the firings of workers from the critical Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) is troubling and revealing at the same time, on a number of levels.

If poetic justice is retributive justice (karmic justice, if you will)—the fate meted out to deserving wrongdoers by that “even-handed justice” that exists as a force in the world (Macbeth, Act 7, 9-12)—can it not be suggested that the UNC was served a telling dose of “poetic injustice” in this election, having to endure a fate it did not really deserve?

We have had another chapter in our democracy started under the same government we had for the previous parliamentary session. So, what has changed for the country?

Thank God that is over!

Today Trinidad and Tobago breaths a collective sigh of relief as election 2020 is finally over. Even though this campaign took place over only six weeks, one of the shortest election seasons ever, to my memory, it seemed like it lasted forever and the refrain “I can’t wait for this to be over” was all too prominent.