Allow me to relay the experiences of two TTPost clients during the month of March.

One of them visited a TTPost branch seeking to post mail to an address in England. He was advised that Trinidad and Tobago’s borders remain closed, therefore his request cannot be facilitated.

The second colleague received mail from TTPost inviting him to collect a parcel emanating from England and costing him TT$800. Having arrived at the appropriate TTPost branch, he proffered his Visa card but was promptly advised by the clerk in attendance—cash only.

These episodes raise some concerns. Firstly, the medical scientists have determined that Covid-19 is not transmitted by mail so wherefore derives the stipulation that mail will not be forwarded overseas from Trinidad and Tobago?

Why is our government disallowing a normal transaction like transportation of mail from Trinidad and Tobago overseas to the average man-in-the-street?

Could CAL or some other airline not facilitate?

Secondly, for how long will TTPost remain such an outdated organisation where electronic methods of payment at points of service are unavailable to customers?

Georges David

via e-mail


Several steps in the right direction were announced yesterday by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith. For a public that has long been clamouring for these initiatives, the real issue now is when and how.

Plagiarism alert: I stole the headline from my pardner BC, whose editor didn’t like it. But Chornypyl in the Ukrainian language means “Black Dust”, and they’ve got plenty of that in St Vincent. It seems a good fit to me.

La Soufrière’s 1979 eruption was the subject of Dr Keith Rowley’s PhD thesis, The explosive phase lasted just over two weeks. Thousands were evacuated from the north. They were home after a few months.

I want to encourage Trinidad and Tobago to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The country should feel happy to show symptoms from the Covid-19 vaccine

Fear of contamination from an entire Government sick with Covid-19? Or is the Opposition just addicted to playing political own goals? Perhaps political rain falling and the state of political play has been abandoned until general elections 2025.

On Monday, before a Joint Select Committee, Ronald Milford, Solid Waste Management Co Ltd (SWMCOL) ­chairman, stated that 95 per cent (700,000 tonnes) of our country’s waste is dumped annually into landfills.